Zeerak Talat

My name is Zeerak Talat and I’m an independent academic researcher (who used to go by Zeerak Waseem). I work on the intersection between machine learning, science and technology studies, and media studies. My research seeks to examine how machine learning systems interact with our societies and the downstream effects of introducing machine learning to our society. I’m heading around the world visiting different departments (so get in touch if you wanna host)! I did my undergrad in Computer Science and the University of Copenhagen, and my master’s in IT & Cognition (with Dirk Hovy), and recently finished my Ph.D. (with Kalina Bontcheva). You can find me raising issues with machine learning on Twitter and Mastodon. I’m always looking for interesting people to work, so do send me an e-mail at z[at]zeerak[dot]org.

Google scholar hates name changes so looking for my publications page is not gonna be helpful. This is a large issue that particular affects trans scholars. You can sign a petition here. If you want to find citation counts and so on, you can find them on my Semantic Scholar Page.